Christmas 2017 – Sydney

Sydney is an amazing city!! We stayed there Sunday 24 to Sunday 31th, however, we should have visited Cairn’s in the north but we did not plan it as we should have!! Sydney is a very beautiful and quite small city and public transport is very good, train, subway & bus are cheap enough.


You can buy multi-attraction passes to the wild life, aquarium, Madam Tusan wax museum, Sydney tower, which overlooks the city and is quite amazing, but go early as it tends to get crowded, then expect quite a wait!! The more attractions you plan to see the cheaper it is as a pack, for example, 2 entries to say the aquarium and wildlife was $50AU, however, I paid $50AU for 5 attractions, one includes the aquarium in Manly beach, each access if you go by bus or train, but defo worth going to.

Please check out Everything is there, prices and activities.

Blue Mountains

This is amazing, its like you are back 300 years ago, full mountains and vegetations, desert type land, there are a few attractions here for around $85AU which include a cable car ride (2 mins up or down the mountain) hop on and hop off bus around KATOOMBA, which is the town in the Blue Mountain area where everything is, you have a few other things, very basic and a long wait for most things.

Please check out for more details!! Everything is there, prices and activities.

The Three Sisters is another sight to look out for. I have a drone and used it quite often around these areas!! Any questions please let me know!!

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